Little Red Art Café

Little Red Art Café

Welcome to Little Red Art Café!

The artistic element is what sets the Little Red Art Café apart from other coffee shops. Greg and Linda Dunbar started the Little Red Art Café in 2021 to provide the cup of coffee that gets you through the day. Its location allows it to give you with a pleasant and tranquil environment, making it the ideal area to have a cup of coffee while escaping the rush and bustle of daily life. With plug ports available, The little red welcomes you to bring your laptop and work while being inspired by the artistic element of Little Red.

In addition to great coffee and an peaceful environment, The Little Red Art Café offers a range of product for sale. Honey, vegan rusks, spiced chai, and no dairy biscuits are just a few of the goods available. The ‘Products’ category on this website has a complete list of our products. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The Little Red Art Café’s signature sketch book is our way of allowing our valued customers to leave their imprint on our establishment. The Little Red’s sketch book is our collection of our clients’ recollections – today’s little moments become tomorrow’s cherished memories.


When you come to visit us, make sure to leave your mark and allow the fleeting moment of making art to wipe away the dust of everyday life from your soul.


Monday – Friday 09:30am – 04:30pm
Saturday: 09:00am – 01:00pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed